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You can use our visualisation tools to plot time series and scatter plots of our data.  You can also view environmental indicators, weekly site photos and map-based data.
  • Data Explorer - this interface allows you to plot any variable in our terrestrial site summary data against any other. You can customise the plots to show the sites and variables you are interested in. Where appropriate, there are also links to the NBN species distribution maps to provide the national context to this site-based data.
  • Time Series Viewer - this interface produces direct and dynamic access to time series from the the ECN summary database.  You can query this database for selected sites, date ranges and measurements to create graphical time series and data tables.
  • UKLEON telemetry - this interface provides direct and dynamic access to the UK Lake Ecological Observatory Network (UKLEON) data. UKLEON has state-of-the art, self-cleaning sensors at eleven lakes across the UK. This interface will allow you to view the data in near-real time from these lakes via GPRS.
  • Environmental Indicators - this interface provides data for a range of climate change, water quality and biodiversity indicators. 
  • Weekly Photo Archive - weekly photos are taken at a number of our sites and this interface allows you to search these. 

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