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Air Temperature  
Barometric Pressure  
Wind speed  
Wind Direction (from vector addition of unit length vectors)  
Solar radiation  
Surface photosynthetically available radiation  
Surface water temperature  
Temperature Profiles  
Underwater photosynthetically available radiation (1m)  
Conductivity normalised to 25 degrees C  
Dissolved oxygen (% saturation)  
Dissolved oxygen (mg per litre)  
Dissolved carbon dioxide  
Chlorophyll a concentration (relative units)  
Phycocyanin concentration (relative units)  

Bassenthwaite Lake  
Blelham Tarn  
Llyn Conwy  
Llyn Tegid  
Loch Leven  
Loch Lomond  
Lough Erne  
Rostherne Mere  
Round Loch of Glenhead  


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Please note: these are raw data. They have had basic automated quality checks only - they have not yet been through the full quality checking procedures.

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