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Natural Environment Research Council & Natural England (through UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)

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UK Environmental Change Network

Site characteristics

Altitude m

The catchment area is indicated with a black line.
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Mean annual pH* 6.7
Mean annual discharge* 0.57 cumecs
Mean annual water temperature* 8.9
* calculated from the ECN Data Centre database
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The Trout Beck is a headwater stream of the Tees which drains Great Dun Fell, Hard Hill and Knock Fell in the North Pennines. The ECN sampling point (Grid Ref NY758335) is at 535m altitude and the catchment above this covers 1146 ha, rising to 848m altitude. The geology is alternating strata of Carboniferous limestones, sandstone and shales. Blanket peat covers 90% of the catchment with skeletal soils towards the fell tops and small areas of limestone soils and alluvial soils. Vegetation is dominated by ling heather (Calluna vulgaris), cotton grass (Eriophorum spp) and Sphagnum moss. The catchment lies in Moor House National Nature Reserve which is owned by Natural England. Discharge is measured at a Compound Crump Gauging Station operated by the Environment Agency. The pH of Trout Beck has wide fluctuations associated with the discharge. The site has a long history of ecological research.

Trout Beck was the first ECN Freshwater Site to be co-located with an ECN Terrestrial site. Its catchment is entirely within the Moor House-Upper Teesdale Terrestrial Site. For more information see Moor House - Upper Teesdale.

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