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Scottish Environment Protection Agency

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UK Environmental Change Network

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Lochs Davan and Kinord are situated adjacent to each other in an area of the River Dee catchment known as the Muir of Dinnet. The Muir of Dinnet (area 2287ha) is an SSSI and a Natural Nature Reserve designated because of its value as a habitat for flora and fauna, and important geomorphological features. The Muir forms the south-western corner of the Howe of Cromar, a wide saucer shaped plain at the foot of the Grampian Mountains. The landscape of the area was moulded by gravel and meltwater in the post-glacial era, and Lochs Kinord and Davan are kettleholes (ice depressions), surrounded by fluvio-glacial hummocks, ridges and hollows. Loch Kinord (area 79.0 ha) is oligotrophic whereas Loch Davan (31.1 ha) is mesotrophic with recent research suggesting a transition towards eutrophication. The difference in trophic status reflects the higher proportion of agricultural land use in the Davan catchment

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