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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (through United Kingdom Upland Waters Monitoring Network)

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UK Environmental Change Network
Upland Waters Monitoring Network

Site characteristics

Altitude m

The catchment area is indicated with a black line.
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Area of Lake ha
Mean annual pH* 5.1
Mean annual water temperature* 8.1
* calculated from the ECN Data Centre database
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Scoat Tarn in the English Lake District is a typical mountain corrie lake, being small and deep with an area of 5.2 ha and a maximum depth of 20 m. The lake lies in a west facing valley at an altitude of 602 m, and drains into Wastwater via the Nether Beck. The catchment comprises a small corrie (95 ha) with steeply sloping walls and three summits in excess of 825 m. The bedrock is Ordivician tuff (undifferentiated) of the Borrowdale Volcanic series and the local soils are mainly shallow, peaty rankers. The eastern slopes are mainly of rock and boulders while to the north are less steep and covered in rough grass and Sphagnum moss. Land use is confined to low intensity sheep grazing. Scoat Tarn is classified as having high acid deposition.

Ewan Shilland


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