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The Environmental Change Network (ECN) is a multi-agency organisation, co-ordinated by the Natural Environment Research Council, concerned with the monitoring and interpretation of environmental change.  The ECN database is managed by the ECN Data Centre, based at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster.  Access to ECN core data at the resolutions specified in the protocols is provided under licence at the discretion of the sponsors of the ECN sites for which data are requested. A summary of the ECN data policy is provided. The Data Licence Agreement is also available.

Before making a request please note that:

  • We need to obtain authorisation from each of the sponsors responsible for the sites for which you request data.  It will take at least three weeks before we are able to fulfil any data requests made to us. 
  • Please check our site and measurement pages to make sure that we hold the data you are requesting. 
  • ECN was launched in 1992.  Data should be available for most of the ECN terrestrial sites from 1993.  Data should be available for most of the ECN freshwater sites from 1994.   
  • Summary data are freely available on this web site.  The interface (linked dynamically to our database) enables you to view graphs and tables of summary data and also download data via email. 

Please complete this form, giving as much detail as possible about the proposed use of the data. Click 'Submit' to send the form to us.  To administer your data request, we will keep your details in a database.  By submitting this form we assume that you are happy for us to do this.  More information is available in our data policy.


Your Details:



Data Requested: 

Please note that different sets of measurements are made at freshwater and terrestrial ECN sites.  Please ensure that you select measurements that are undertaken at your chosen site/s.  You should review the ECN protocols to ensure that the data are appropriate for your needs.  A clickable map is available to check the location of the ECN sites. 


Use the CTRL key to select multiple sites.

Terrestrial Sites

Freshwater Sites


Use the CTRL key to select multiple measurements. 

Terrestrial Site Measurements

Freshwater Site Measurements

Date from:
Date to:
Any further information:


Data Use:

Please enter a description of the proposed use of the data and the associated project details.  This is important because we must consult with each site/sponsor before data can be released and the decision on release may be affected by inappropriate or poorly specified use.

Project Name:
Description of the proposed use of data:
Funding Organisation:
Time period over which you need access to the data:


Please confirm that you have read ECN's Data Policy.

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Will the data be used for commercial purposes*?

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Where did you find out about ECN data?

If you found out about ECN's data in some other way, please let us know how.


* Please note, requests for data to be used for commercial purposes will be dealt with by individual ECN sponsoring organisations according to their own procedures and charging policies.  If your request falls into this category you will be provided with the relevant contact information if you complete this form.  Requests for non-commercial use of ECN data will administered, and the data provided, by the ECN Central Co-ordination Unit. 

Please note that the details given on this form will be held in a database for use by ECN for contact purposes and as a permanent record of who has used ECN data for what purpose. Completion of this form is taken as implied consent for your details to be held under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

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Completed printouts of this form may also be sent to:

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