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Weekly Photo Archive - Moor House - Upper Teesdale in 2023

This is a view over the Trout Beck towards Great Dun Fell and Cross Fell. The view is westward from a point (Grid Ref NY756334, Altitude 540 m) overlooking the Trout Beck at its junction with Nether Hearth Sike.

In the middle distance is Shaft Hill (0.5 km away) where many of the ECN terrestrial measurements are made. The vegetation is dominated by ling heather (Calluna vulgaris), cotton grass (Eriophorum spp.) and Sphagnum moss, on blanket peat up to 3 m thick.

On a clear day three distant hill tops are visible. To the left of Shaft Hill is Great Dun Fell (847 m altitude, 4.8 km away) which has a radar station at its summit. This is the highest point on the reserve and the second highest point in the Pennines. In the centre of the picture and only just protruding above Shaft Hill is the flat top of Little Dun Fell (842 m altitude, 5.2 km away). To the right is Cross Fell (893 m altitude, 7.0 km away) which is outside the reserve and is the highest point in the Pennines. The Pennine Way Long Distance Trail passes over these three summits.

The pictures are taken on weekly sampling trips to the site with a HP M407 Photosmart digital camera which is set to a focal length of 6 mm (equivalent to a 43 mm on a 35 mm camera).

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