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This interface allows you to explore the ECN terrestrial site summary database and plot any variable that we hold against another.  Annual summaries are used in this interface.  If you want to do detailed analysis of the data you can apply to use the raw data.

We caution that correlations that may be apparent when plotting one variable against another do not necessarily imply that change in one variable is causing change in the other variable. Such correlations can arise purely by chance, or more often when both variables are responding to a third (unrepresented) variable. We strongly advise that an environmental statistician is consulted if a causative relationship is suspected, and that a request is made to ECN for the raw data, on which these summary data are based, before any attempt is made to carry out any statistical analysis.

Use of the ECN summary data is subject to conditions of use.  Please click on the button below to accept these conditions and access the interface.




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Conditions of Use
  • The ECN Data Centre Summary Database and its component datasets are proprietary products of NERC on behalf of the ECN Data Centre and its sponsors and thus protected by Copyright law. NERC reserves all rights of ownership and copyright in these data.
  • Users may not i) transfer, assign, rent, lease, sell, give or otherwise dispose of these data, ii) release a Product or Tradeable commodity based in whole or in part on data supplied by the ECN Data Centre, unless prior written agreement has been obtained, and any royalties due have been paid, iii) reproduce any digital or numerical data other than for back-up purposes.
  • Users are required to acknowledge the ECN Data Centre in all reference or publications which involve the use of the data. Users must offer acknowledgement and/or co-authorship of any proposed publication arising from the use of the data.  The ECN Data Centre will have the right to accept this offer, allow the user to publish in his/her own right, or refuse permission to publish, if in our judgement, the publication poses a threat to the data or the ECN Data Centre.
  • Although these data are subject to quality assurance procedures, we are not able to warrant the accuracy of any data supplied to the user, and have no responsibility for determining the fitness of the data for their intended use by the customer. The provision of such data carries no liability for its accuracy or reliability and the ECN Data Centre or its sponsors cannot be held accountable for any loss, damage, injury or any other occurrence arising from the use of these data.
  • Copies of, or a reference to, any publications which refer to these data should be sent to the ECN Co-ordinator.
  • Users and use of this interface are logged by IP address and by email address (if you log in).  These statistics are used for ECN purposes only (e.g. for deriving performance statistics).  All data are held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  More information is available in our data policy.
  • This interface uses cookies to temporarily store information on your computer to enable session state between Active Server Pages. Session state is a way of remembering your choices between web pages and we use it, for example, to ensure that you only have to select the sites and measurements you are interested in once, rather than on every page you view within the interface.  We do not collect any information about you except that required for system administration of the web server. These cookies automatically expire when you exit your browser.  More information about cookies is available in our data policy

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